About us

Özlem Daşgın

The journey to travel the world started after marrying with Melih. Since she had the same passion as her husband Melih, she began to enjoy more on her trips than before. Özlem, who could not think that she could travel so much because of her phobia, increased her courage and love to travel as she liked herself in the photos. In planning before travel, she has mastered how to prepare a mother with a baby. In addition, as an educator, she transfers the experiences she gained from the places she sees.

Melih Daşgın

The curiosity of exploring the world started by reading atlases at a young age. With the excitement created by different lives and cultures, he made it a passion to travel. They formed a nice team after married with Özlem in 2010 and with Mete, who joined them in 2015. He desire to take new photos on his journeys. It is a great pleasure to compile the knowledge and the “moments” it has immortalized for you and make it a unique resource. Continue with “izinthengit”

Mete Daşgın

While still in the womb, he went to the sea on the southern coast of Italy and France and toured in the mountains of Switzerland. After saying hello to life in 2015, he traveled from the Black Sea plateaus to Georgia and joined this passion. Now, Mete is also a member of “izinthengit”. When he was 10 months old, he travelled to Phuket and Kuala Lumpur, flew 11 hours and experienced with jetlag. At the age of one and a half, he had the opportunity to visit Denmark and Iceland. He enjoys travelling and he is getting ready to explore new places.